2018-03-14 13:36

Enervit becomes Vasaloppet's fifth Main Sponsor

Enervit pulls ahead by becoming a main sponsor for Vasaloppet. The company, founded in Italy, creates nutrition for athletes and has collaborated with Vasaloppet since 2009. From August 2018 they will be one of five main sponsors.
"We're very happy that Enervit wishes to develop their work with us and become a main sponsor. For Vasaloppet this brings great opportunities to raise international awareness of our brand and our year-round activities," says Eva-Lena Frick, CEO for Vasaloppet.

Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2018 has just finished. Over 66,000 participants were registered for the, in total, twelve ski races, and at present there are over 20,000 cyclists and runners registered for Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2018. Both the winter and summer events have grown these past years and Vasaloppet now arranges twelve winter races and twelve summer races, counting the Barnens Vasalopp children’s races on skis, bike and foot.
”Enervit has, for many years, contributed to enhancing our participants’ experience on the Vasaloppet track, both in summer and winter. Together we’re now aiming to increase awareness of Vasaloppet, locally and internationally, and we have an exciting road ahead of us,” says Eva-Lena Frick.

Enervit, with their main office in Milan and Swedish office in Arvika, are leaders within sports nutrition and they have a large focus on cycling and running, which goes well with Vasaloppet’s goal of growing the Summer Week with Cykelvasan, Ultravasan, Vasastafetten and Vasakvartetten. This new contract extends to 2022, Vasaloppet’s 100-year anniversary, and it means that Enervit are expanding their involvement by, among other things, using the Vasaloppet brand to attract more foreign participants to the different races.
”Our ambition is to attract more participants from cycling and running events, that we work with abroad, to Vasaloppet’s Summer Week. Enervit being a main sponsor for Vasaloppet definitely illustrates our position within the endurance sports of cycling, skiing and running. From being a proud Vasaloppet partner we now go to being an even prouder main sponsor,” says Mats Slorfelt, CEO Enervit Nutrition AB.

About Enervit:

Enervit started in Italy and has since 1970 been a leader within research and development of sports nutrition. In Europe they have long been a sought-after supplier for several professional teams and individual cyclists within bike sports. In Sweden, Enervit has a long row of partnerships within sports clubs and athletic events, such as En Svensk Klassiker, Lidingöloppet, Vätternrundan, Göteborgsvarvet and Stockholm Marathon. Enervit Nutrition AB is a subsidiary of Enervit S.p.A. The company presently has about 900 retail locations within the sports industry and grocery trade.


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