2023-05-16 14:19

Hemmavasan will complement Vasaloppet's Summer Week 2023

Hemmavasan cykel, Hemmavasan ultra, and Hemmavasan trail are now launching as complements to the Vasaloppet Summer Week 2023. While the regular races are held on location in Sälen and Mora, from Friday, August 11 to Saturday, August 19, participants can bike or run a race at any location around Sweden – or the world – in the digital Vasaloppet Arena.

During the pandemic, events like Hemmavasan and Vasaåket replaced the regular races from Vasaloppet’s Summer Week and Winter Week. The idea of digital home edition races became popular and it made Vasaloppet accessible to even more people, such as families with children and people in other countries, who could now participate in Vasaloppet at home.

Alongside the Vasaloppet Summer Week 2023, it will now be possible for anyone who wishes to complete Hemmavasan cykel 30, 45, or 90, Hemmavasan ultra 45 or 90, and Hemmavasan trail 10 or 30. The idea is that participants download the Vasaloppet app and complete their race wherever they are in the world. Through the app, participants travel from the start in Sälen or Oxberg, through all the classic checkpoints, down to the finish portal in Mora in the digital Vasaloppet Arena, while at the same time cycling or running on their home turf.

Of course, it’s possible to complete one race on location during Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2023 and to complete another, or several, at a location of your choice. The times and results in Hemmavasan are registered in the Vasaloppet database, just like the other races, and they are included in Vasaloppstrippeln 2023 (30, 45 or 90 km).

A digital diploma is included, and those who wish can also purchase a medal.

Hemma is Swedish for at home.
Cykel is Swedish for bike.
Löpning is Swedish for running.

Learn more about Hemmavasan cykel and register here >
Learn more about Hemmvasan löpning and register here >

Vasaloppet upcoming events

Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2023 – biking and running
• Friday, August 11 Ungdomscykelvasan start Oxberg, 32 km
• Friday, August 11 Cykelvasan Öppet Spår start Sälen, 94 km
• Friday, August 11 Cykelvasan 45 start Oxberg, 45 km
• Friday, August 11 Cykelvasan 30 start Oxberg, 32 km
• Saturday, August 12 Cykelvasan 90 start Sälen, 94 km
• Friday, August 18 Trailvasan 10 start Mora, 10 km
• Saturday, August 19 Ultravasan 90 start Sälen, 90 km
• Saturday, August 19 Vasastafetten running relay, ten legs, start Sälen, 90 km
• Saturday, August 19 Ultravasan 45 start Oxberg, 45 km
• Saturday, August 19 Trailvasan 30 start Oxberg, 30 km
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Hemmavasan – whenever you want
• August 11–19, 2023 – Hemmavasan cykel (bike)
• August 11–19, 2023 – Hemmavasan löpning (running)

Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2024 – cross country skiing
• Friday, February 23 Vasaloppet 30 start Oxberg, 30 km
• Saturday, February 24 Tjejvasan start Oxberg, 30 km
• Sunday, February 25 Öppet Spår Sunday start Sälen, 90 km
• Sunday, February 25 Ungdomsvasan start Eldris, 9 km, start Hökberg, 19 km
• Monday, February 26 Öppet Spår Monday 90 freestyle, start Sälen, 90 km
• Monday, February 26 Öppet Spår Monday 45 freestyle, start Evertsberg, 43 km
• Monday, February 26 Öppet Spår Monday 30 freestyle, start Oxberg, 28 km
• Tuesday, February 27 Vasaloppet 45 start Oxberg, 45 km
• Friday, March 1 Stafettvasan ski relay, five sections start Sälen, 90 km
• Friday, March 1 Nattvasan 30 individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Oxberg, 30 km
• Friday, March 1 Nattvasan 45 individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Oxberg, 45 km
• Friday, March 1 Nattvasan 90 individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Sälen, 90 km
• Saturday, March 2 Vasaloppet 10 freestyle, start Eldris, 9 km
• Sunday, March 3 The 100th Vasaloppet start Sälen, 90 km (FULLY BOOKED)
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Vasaloppstrippeln – ski, bike and run Vasaloppet in one year
Vasaloppstrippeln, the Vasaloppet trifecta, is a challenge where participants complete three Vasaloppet races during one calendar year. Ski, bike and run 30, 45 or 90 kilometres in forefathers’ tracks.

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