2024-06-17 11:26

Stardom at Vasaloppet's Summer Week 2024 as Astronaut Marcus Wandt Visits Mora

In early 2024, he travelled to space and back. With him, he carried both a medal and a number bib from Vasaloppet. During Vasaloppet's Summer Week on Friday, August 16, these space-travelled items will return to Dalarna when Mora-born astronaut Marcus Wandt personally hands them over to Vasaloppet in Mora.

”We’ve been waiting for a great opportunity to invite Marcus to Mora, and to have this historic event during this year’s Summer Week with thousands of runners present feels fantastic,” says Camilla Sandy Swarén, Vasaloppet’s Press and PR Manager.

Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2024 takes place from August 9 to 17, and the big running weekend kicks off on Friday, August 16. The new race Funkisvasan is first on the programme, and astronaut Marcus Wandt will act as starter for the race. Children participating in the Barnens Vasalopp running event will also get a chance to meet the astronaut when they finish their race.
”At 17:00, there will be an official handover on the stage at the Vasaloppet finish, open to everyone. Marcus will be interviewed on stage and will answer questions from the audience. He will then, of course, cheer on all those running Trailvasan 10, which starts at 18:00,” says Camilla Sandy Swarén.

Marcus Wandt began his journey to the International Space Station (ISS) on January 18 and landed again 22 days later. During space missions, astronauts are allowed to bring personal and official memorabilia, usually linked to an organization the astronaut is connected to. These items are then returned to the organization. ”I like achievements and challenges, and I’ve been skiing since I could walk. Bringing something from Vasaloppet was a given,” said Marcus Wandt before his space journey to the ISS.

After the handover, both the medal and the number bib, which have travelled further than any Vasaloppet participant, will be displayed in the window of Vasaloppet’s office on the pedestrian street in Mora for public viewing.
”These well-travelled items have both symbolic value and a unique history that stretches from the Vasaloppet track to outer space and back again. We see it as a tribute to all participants who have struggled to reach the finish line in Mora over the years. A reminder that with dreams and motivation, we can go much further than we perhaps initially imagined,” says Camilla Sandy Swarén.

Programme for Astronaut Marcus Wandt in Mora

Friday, August 16, 2024

14:00 Start of Funkisvasan 2024. Marcus Wandt will send off the participants in Vasaloppet’s newest race, Funkisvasan. Start and finish at the finish area.
16:30 Start of the Barnens Vasalopp running event. Marcus Wandt will be present, cheering and encouraging the children. Start and finish at the finish area.
17:00 Handover of the Vasaloppet number bib and Vasaloppet medal that Marcus Wandt took on his space journey. Interviews with Sweden’s third astronaut at Mora-Nisse’s square in the finish area in Mora.
18:00 Start of Trailvasan 10. Marcus Wandt will cheer on the participants in the finish area.

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