2020-09-16 13:31

Keep training for Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2021

There's still a large degree of uncertainty in the world related to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. This that means that there may be changes to the Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2021 schedule.
"The Winter Week will take place in some form. We urge all participants to keep training with the goal of crossing the finish line, and we will work towards our goal of welcoming you all to the Vasaloppet Arena in the winter of 2021," says Johan Eriksson, acting CEO of Vasaloppet.

To reduce the spread of covid-19 there is still a ban on holding public gatherings and events of over 50 people in Sweden. This ban is currently set to apply until the end of the year. It’s not clear yet what will happen after that.
”Of course we will adapt our events based on the rules and restrictions that apply, but as it looks today, those rules are not adapted for exercise events. Something that we are working hard to influence. We want to be part of the solution,” says Johan Eriksson.

The rule limiting public gatherings to 50 people would in practice mean that about 30 participants (functionaries would also be part of the total count) would start Vasaloppet in Sälen, ski the 90 km down to Mora and vacate the finish line area before 30 new participants could start in Sälen.
”As it looks right now it’s very unfortunate that you cannot run an exercise race with more than 50 participants outdoors in a 90-km long arena that runs through three municipalities. And this is where we’re working hard to influence politicians and decision-makers to help us find a solution. We want to continue to be an engine for exercise and health in Sweden and show that we can carry out our event in a responsible and safe manner,” says Johan Eriksson.

Right now Vasaloppet is looking at a number of possible solutions for the winter of 2021. The dream scenario is, of course, that the Winter Week can be carried out as usual but several other alternatives are being evaluated in the event that the risk of infection should remain high. For example, perhaps the Winter Week events could take place over a longer time period, or time slots could be created for participants.
”We are in a process to resolve the situation and we’re humbled by the task of adapting our events to the prevailing circumstances. The hope is that our participants and ourselves can reach the finish line together in our respective challenges,” says Johan Eriksson.

Today there are over 25,000 registered participants for the Vasaloppet Winter Week 2021 races. Information on the Winter Week’s status and current updates will be sent out continuously to registered participants via email and to other interested parties on the website, vasaloppet.se, and Vasaloppet’s social channels.
”Many things remain uncertain but we want to encourage everyone to keep training and preparing for their finish line. Our finish line is giving every single person who wants it the opportunity to ski in the Vasaloppet Arena this winter and to do it in a safe way that doesn’t risk any spread of infection,” says Johan Eriksson.

Registration for Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2021 is open as usual.

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