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Make next year historic – take home a Vasaloppstrippeln with anniversary shimmer

A proper challenge. The stylish, coveted, Vasaloppstrippeln T-shirt. An experience with a dear friend. There are already many reasons to go for Vasaloppstrippeln and next year there is another: Vasaloppet celebrates 100 years!

To complete Vasaloppstrippeln you need to ski, bike and run 90, 45 or 30 kilometres in forefathers’ tracks during one and the same calendar year.

Regardless of the distance you choose you can, through Vasaloppstrippeln, look forward to an extra boost to your training for months to come.
”If you’ve ever thought about doing Vasaloppstrippeln, take the opportunity to do so during our anniversary year for an extra festive spirit. We can, after a long break, finally run our standard races on location in the Vasaloppet Arena again, something that we and participants have been longing for,” says Tommy Höglund, Sport Manager at Vasaloppet.

It does not matter which race you choose for each section as long as the distance in the same. For example, if you’re aiming to complete Vasaloppstrippeln 30 you can choose between three different ski races: Tjejvasan 30, Vasaloppet 30 and the new Nattvasan 30 where skate style is allowed.
”Vasaloppstrippeln often leads to a challenge in the sections you’re less familiar with. Maybe you’ve skied for many years but you’re not an experienced mountain biker? Or it could be the other way around. Apart from the sporty challenge you’ll also have reason to visit beautiful Dalarna in both summer and winter,” says Tommy Höglund.

New additions to Vasaloppstrippeln

All Nattvasan distances, 30, 45 and 90 kilometres, are part of Vasaloppstrippeln. Freestyle skating is allowed and starting this winter you can also participate in Nattvasan as a single individual rather than a two-person team. Öppet Spår is part of Vasaloppstrippeln 90 and new for this year you can freestyle ski in Öppet Spår Monday.

Registration for Vasaloppstrippeln 2022 is open

You can register for all three races at the same time or through separate registrations, race by race.

You can count your ski races from 2020 or 2021 as part of Vasaloppstrippeln 2022 – a special rule due to the pandemic. If you’ve completed multiple ski races 2020–2022, the fastest will count as part of Vasaloppstrippeln.


About Vasaloppstrippeln

Vasaloppstrippeln 90 premiered in 2014. 14 people completed the challenge that year. Vasaloppstrippeln 45 launched a few years later and Vasaloppstrippeln 30 arrived two years ago.

During the different pandemic year of 2021, 116 participants completed Vasaloppstrippeln 90. 114 completed Vasaloppstrippeln 45 and 168 took home Vasaloppstrippeln 30.


Upcoming events in the Vasaloppet Arena during the Anniversary Year 2022 – Vasaloppet 100 years

Anniversary race 2022

Saturday, February 12 Jubileumsvasan About 90 km. Start Sälen (full)

Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2022 (registration open)

• Friday, February 25 Vasaloppet 30 30 km, start Oxberg
• Saturday, February 26 Tjejvasan 30 km, start Oxberg
• Sunday, February 27 Ungdomsvasan 9 km start Eldris, 19 km start Hökberg
• Sunday, February 27 Öppet Spår Sunday 90 km, start Sälen
• Monday, February 28 Öppet Spår Monday 90 km, freestyle, start Sälen
• Tuesday, March 1 Vasaloppet 45 45 km, start Oxberg
• Friday, March 4 Stafettvasan 90 km, five-person teams, start Sälen
• Friday, March 4  Nattvasan 90 90 km, individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Sälen
• Friday, March 4  Nattvasan 45 45 km, individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Sälen
• Friday, March 4  Nattvasan 30 30 km, individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Sälen
• Saturday, March 5 Blåbärsloppet 9 km, start Eldris *
• Sunday, March 6 Vasaloppet 90 km, start Sälen (fully booked)

* Registration for Blåbärsloppet opens in January, 2022.

Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2022 (registration opens September 26, 2021)

• Friday, August 12 Cykelvasan Öppet Spår 94 km, start Sälen
• Friday, August 12  Cykelvasasprinten 1 km, Lindvallen, Sälen
• Saturday, August 13 Cykelvasan 90 94 km, start Sälen
• Sunday, August 14 Cykelvasan 45 45 km, start Oxberg
• Sunday, August 14 Cykelvasan 30 32 km, start Oxberg
• Sunday, August 14 Ungdomscykelvasan 32 km, start Oxberg
• Friday, August 19 Trailvasan 10 10 km, start Mora
• Saturday, August 20 Ultravasan 90 90 km, start Sälen
• Saturday, August 20 Ultravasan 45 45 km, start Oxberg
• Saturday, August 20 Trailvasan 30 30 km, start Oxberg
• Saturday, August 20 Vasastafetten 90 km, running relay for ten-person teams, start Sälen
• Saturday, August 20 Vasakvartetten 90 km, running relay for four-person teams, start Sälen

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