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Quick guide to Vasaloppet's Summer Week 2024 – ten races to choose from

Vasaloppet's Summer Week 2024 will be held in August, featuring ten different races spread over two weekends in the Vasaloppet Arena. The first weekend, August 9–10, will focus on cycling, while the second weekend, August 16–17, will be dedicated to running. There are three different start locations, but all races finish under the Vasaloppet finish line portal at the belfry in Mora. In addition to these races, there will be the Barnens Vasalopp children's race for participants aged 3–10, as well as Hemmavasan for those who wish to participate on their home turf. So, which race will you choose? Here's our quick guide, day by day and race by race.

Friday, August 9: UNGDOMSCYKELVASAN (32 km)
Young cyclists’ own mountain bike race in classic Vasaloppet terrain.
The youth competition for everyone between ages 11 and 16. The race starts in Oxberg, then runs by the Vasaloppet checkpoints in Oxberg, Hökberg and Eldris down to the finish in Mora. The race is 32 km, running mostly on forest roads and gravel. Although the track is not too technically advanced, the pace will be high when time comes to settle the score for wreath and glory.

Friday, August 9: CYKELVASAN 30 (32 km)
The exercise race for the whole family.
Everyone can bike Cykelvasan! Hang your picnic basket on your handlebars and take the opportunity to cycle Cykelvasan this summer. Cykelvasan 30 is an exercise race where the whole family can bike together. The course starts in Oxberg and runs through classic Vasaloppet terrain past the checkpoints in Oxberg, Hökberg and Eldris down to the finish in Mora. The race runs mostly on forest roads and gravel and it is suitable for all bikes.

Friday, August 9: CYKELVASAN 45 (45 km)
Mountain bike for those who like a challenge.
Try some real MTB! Expect a struggle with lots of sweat and sore legs. Cykelvasan 45 starts in Oxberg and runs mostly on forest and gravel roads before reaching the finish line in Mora. The first 15 km of the course are technically advanced, probably comprising Cykelvasan’s most demanding stretch with hilly terrain around the beautiful Oxberg lake, running via old summer farms and mixed deciduous and coniferous forest before rejoining the Vasaloppet Arena. Enjoy the Vasaloppet atmosphere as you pass the checkpoints in Oxberg, Hökberg and Eldris before rolling under the classic finish line portal in Mora.

Friday, August 9: CYKELVASAN ÖPPET SPÅR (96 km)
A wonderful challenge between Sälen and Mora.
Participate in Cykelvasan, without the competition! Do you want to bike the entire Cykelvasan but with more space in the track? Cykelvasan Öppet Spår is the whole Cykelvasan 90 but without the heavy competitive element. The race takes you on a historic journey in forefathers’ tracks along the traditional Vasaloppet route. Now you will bike from the start along the Västerdalälven river and up the classic first slope to Vasaloppet’s highest point above sea level. After that you pass all the well-known Vasaloppet checkpoints before reaching the finish line in Mora. A total of 96 km, mostly on forest roads/gravel but with some asphalt and wooden decking over marshlands. The race is a real challenge, so prepare well, stop at the checkpoints and remember that you are only competing against yourself. Just like 2023 women can choose to start in a group consisting of only female participants.

Saturday, August 10: CYKELVASAN 90 (96 km)
The biggest mountain bike race in the Nordics.
The start is at the Vasaloppet start in Sälen and the race passes all the well-known Vasaloppet checkpoints. Npw the route from the start runs along the Västerdalälven river and up the classic first slope. 96 km mostly on forest roads/gravel but with some wooden decking over marshlands – through light pine forests, past summer farms and meadows, down to the finish line portal in Mora. Cykelvasan 90 has competition classes (women and men) and an exercise class. The women’s competition class starts at 07:30 and the men start at 08:15. Just like 2023 women in the exercise class can also choose to start in groups consisting only of women. A Cykelvasan victory is a rare achievement that’s highly valued by elite cyclists.  Amanda Bohlin and Kristian Klevgård won in 2023. But remember that every finish counts, and every finish is a victory! Cykelvasan 90 is broadcast live on Swedish Television.

Friday, August 16: TRAILVASAN 10 (10 km)
An evening race, starting and finishing in Mora.
Run ten kilometres! Trailvasan 10 starts at 18:00 at the Vasaloppet finish in central Mora and follows park roads along the Vasaloppet track towards Mora Ski Stadium, passing beautiful open pine heaths. It continues on paths through lush deciduous forests along the Österdalälven river and then returns via central Mora. The finish line is under the classic portal with the motto ”I fäders spår för framtids segrar” (In forefathers’ tracks for future victories).

Saturday, August 17: ULTRAVASAN 90 (about 92 km)
Run the whole classic Vasaloppet.
Experience the magical start at dawn, 05:00 in Berga by, Sälen. After the start, the new route takes you along the Västerdalälven river and up the classic first slope towards the highest point of Vasaloppet. Meet the sunrise on the bogs at Smågan and continue via all the classic Vasaloppet checkpoints down to the finish in Mora. Get the nature experience with bright pine forests, meandering waterways, natural paths and picturesque summer pastures. You have 15 hours to reach the finish. The course is relatively easy but includes technical sections on narrow trails, prepared tracks and gravel roads. The surface consists of forest roads, gravel, trails, and asphalt, with a total ascent of about 800 metres. The race is divided into two classes: Women and Men, both competing for prize money. The reigning champions of Ultravasan 90 from 2023 are Ida Nilsson and Olle Meijer.

Saturday, August 17: VASASTAFETTEN (about 92 km)
A festive relay with ten sections between Sälen and Mora.
Vasastafetten is a cross-country running relay race that has been held since 1991. Each team consists of ten runners who share the classic, 90 km Vasaloppet route from Sälen to Mora. The first section starts at the Vasaloppet start in Sälen at 08:00 and follows the Västerdalälven river before ascending the classic first slope to Vasaloppet’s highest point. Teams are formed by sports clubs and workplaces ranging from companies to municipalities, authorities, and organizations, as well as families and groups of friends. Vasastafetten has three classes: Women, Men, and Leisure. In the women’s and men’s classes, teams compete for prize money. The men’s class allows women while only female participants are allowed in the women’s class. The leisure class allows any mixture of female and male participants. Additionally, in the leisure class, it’s also possible to run more than one section per person. The ten sections range from 4.5 to 15 kilometres in length.

Saturday, August 17: ULTRAVASAN 45 (45 km)
Experience an ultramarathon on historic Vasaloppet terrain.
Ultra refers to races longer than the marathon distance of 42,195 meters. Ultravasan 45 starts in Oxberg at 09:00 and runs through hilly terrain around the beautiful Oxberg lake, via genuine summer pastures, through deciduous and coniferous forests before heading back into the Vasaloppet Arena, passing the classic Vasaloppet checkpoints of Oxberg, Hökberg and Eldris. Experience the Vasaloppet atmosphere at your own pace: walk, jog or run – you have eleven hours. It is more challenging than a marathon but not as long as Ultravasan 90. Ultravasan 45 mostly follows forest roads and Vasaloppet tracks. The race is divided into two classes: Women and Men, both competing for prize money. The 2023 champions of Ultravasan 45 were Jesper Lundberg och Erica Lech.

Saturday, August 17: TRAILVASAN 30 (30 km)
Challenge yourself with a 30 km run in forefathers’ tracks.
Trailvasan 30, equal in distance to the Lidingöloppet race, starts in Oxberg at 11:30. The 30-kilometre route to the finish line in Mora passes through summer pastures and spruce forests, as well as the classic Vasaloppet checkpoints of Oxberg, Hökberg, and Eldris. As ”Trail” implies, the majority of the race is off asphalt, taking place on forest roads and Vasaloppet track. Walk, jog, or run – you have 8.5 hours to reach the finish. Just like in Ultravasan 90 and Ultravasan 45, there are two classes: Women and Men, with the best runners winning prize money. The reigning champions are Martin Nilsson and Jenny Björnberg.


Apart from the mentioned races, there is also the children’s races ”Barnens Vasalopp cykel” (Children’s Vasaloppet bike race) and ”Barnens Vasalopp löpning” (Children’s Vasaloppet running race) for the youngest participants up to approximately 10 years of age. It’s a fun and challenging course where children can experience both movement and joy. Participation is free, and all children receive a medal upon reaching the finish line.

Hemmavasan is a complement to Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2023. During the same period as the regular races are held on location between Sälen and Mora, participants can cycle or run a race at any location around Sweden – or around the world. You cycle or run the distance at home and, at the same time, in the digital Vasaloppet Arena! Use the Vasaloppet app to register and record your race; results will be registered at vasaloppet.se after you finish.


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