2024-04-23 16:22

Reach your Cykelvasan goals with Jessica's training programme

Are you planning to participate in Cykelvasan Öppet Spår or Cykelvasan 90 in August? Then Jessica Clarén has the training programme for you. Jessica is an official Vasaloppet coach, elite cyclist, and the woman behind the cycling network SHe Rides.

"Whether you're aiming to achieve a certain time or it's your very first race, you'll benefit from the programme. You'll be well-prepared for the start and well-placed for a smooth journey from Sälen to Mora," Jessica promises.

The training programme covers twelve weeks, from May 13 until race day. You can choose from three levels based on previous experience and goals: beginner, standard, and advanced. All three levels include both cycling sessions and strength workouts.

All coaching takes place via the platform Training Peaks, which you can easily sync with your cycling computer, Strava, Zwift, and similar tools.

”You log your sessions in Training Peaks and get a great overview of your training and progress. And you never have to wonder about what to train next, which increases the likelihood that the work actually gets done,” says Jessica.

Campaign offer

Sign up for Cykelvasan Öppet Spår or Cykelvasan 90 by May 12, 2024, and Jessica Clarén’s 12-week training programme is included. All you need to do is select ”training programme” when you register.

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If you’re already registered and want to add the programme, you can purchase it for 995 SEK until May 12, 2024 (regular price is 1,495 SEK). Keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters from Vasaloppet with a special discount code!

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