2020-02-13 08:49

Snow report from the Vasaloppet Arena – work is going according to plan

With one week to go until Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2020, snow distribution is continuing in the Vasaloppet Arena to prepare for the arrival of, so far, almost 56,000 registered participants.
"Our work is going according to plan. For the weekend of February 15–16 we plan to have snow on the course from Sälen to Mora," says Tommy Höglund, Vasaloppet's Sport Manager.

2020 has so far had a relatively snowless winter in large parts of Sweden. In Sälen and Mora the mild weather has affected the snow situation in the Vasaloppet Arena but preparations are proceeding according to plan. This Tuesday snow distribution continued after having been put on hold while the temperature climbed above zero degrees Celsius.

The weekend plan is to have snow from Sälen all the way down to Mora. Removing your skis and walking will be necessary on some sections however, especially on the sides of ploughed roads where snow will be placed in the days before the race.
”But largely it will be possible to ski the whole distance as early as this weekend. If we’ll have ski tracks prepared depends on how the weather develops. We might choose to save snow if the temperature climbs above zero and there’s rain towards the end of the week,” says Tommy Höglund.

Both start places in Sälen and Oxberg are currently covered by thick layers of ice. Snow production and distribution continues here; two extra snow cannons have been moved to the start in Berga by and snow cannons run in Oxberg when the weather allows.
”There might be some minor adjustments to the track layout in the arena, for example around waterways and bogs. None of us can control the weather but the prognosis right now is showing cold temperatures for these next few days and we feel confident in the work we’re doing, and that Vasaloppet’s Winter Week can run as planned,” says Tommy Höglund.

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