2020-02-12 14:54

Welcome to Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2020

We're coming up on a Vasaloppet anniversary: The 2020/2021 winter marks 500 years since Gustav Vasa was chased through Dalarna and 2022 marks 100 years since Vasaloppet was held for the first time (arranged in the aftermath of the 400-year celebration of Gustav's liberation of Sweden). But first comes Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2020 and the 96th Vasaloppet on March 1.

It’s the eleventh year in a row that Vasaloppet’s Winter Week will attract over 55,000 registered participants. It was on January 30, 2010 that the 50,000 dream was first reached for the Winter Week and Vasaloppet can truly look back on a fantastic decade. This year the Winter and Summer Weeks have eleven races each – and besides the fully-booked Vasaloppet there are start places available in all races for those who want to participate.

Who will lead the way up the first hill, who will be first to Evertsberg, and who will win? Both three-time victors Jörgen Brink and John Kristian Dahl have retired but no less than eight previous winners are registered for the elite group in Vasaloppet 2020: Tore Björseth Berdal, Andreas Nygaard, Petter Eliassen, Anders Aukland and, in the women’s class, Laila Kveli, Katerina Smutná, Lina Korsgren and Britta Johansson Norgren.

Visma Ski Classics is running its tenth season and this past November they announced an exciting addition to Vasaloppet 2020. A so-called Climb checkpoint after 3 km in both the men’s and women’s class for those who are first to reach the top of the first hill!

New medals and medals for all

Getting a medal after finishing is an important symbol for many race participants. Vasaloppet has previously only awarded medals in some races but from Vasaloppet’s Winter and Summer Weeks 2020 all participants who complete their races will receive a medal. Three different categories of medals will be awarded: Placement medals, Achievement medals and Participation medals, all in a new design with a nice new ribbon. The purpose is to strengthen the ceremony at the finish and give everyone the attention they deserve. At the same time participants can choose not to receive their medal if they do not want one. You can also have the year, your name and finishing time engraved on the medal for 150 SEK in the finish line area.

Vasaloppet.TV broadcasting all days
Those interested can now follow participants through all races during Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2020, completely free, via the Vasaloppet.TV streaming service. Broadcasts begin an hour before the start and you’ll be able to watch near and dear participants ski all the way to Mora via fixed cameras in Sälen, Mångsbodarna, Risberg, Oxberg, Hökberg, Eldris and the Mora finish. There’s also a live broadcast from the Vasaloppet finish led by speakers with commentary on stage and participant interviews as skiers are cheered across the finish line.

Vasaloppet Veterans
After the 2019 races, 1,059 veterans have finished Vasaloppet and/or Öppet Spår 30 years or more. During Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2020 some veterans are skiing their 50th races and some registrants have skied even more: For example, Gösta Lönnelid, who incidentally lives on Skidspårsvägen (”Ski Track Road”) in Mora, is registered to ski his 58th race!

Vasaloppet Trade Fair and Meeting Place

At the finish in Mora we find Vasaloppet’s biggest meeting place, the Vasaloppet Trade Fair – a 4,500 square metre heated tent housing number bib distribution, race offices, Stadium sports store, ski wax service, restaurant, entertainment and 50 or so exciting exhibitors. 200,000 visitors tend to come to the fair.

In connection to the Vasaloppet start there’s also a big meeting place. Here you’ll find a large heated tent with number bib distribution, race offices, Stadium sports store, ski wax service, a number of exhibitors and also a café serving goulash soup and lasagne among other things.

Opening ceremony and after ski
A packed programme awaits on and off the ski track during Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2020. There will be a ceremony in Mora Church with TV journalist Jacob Hård giving a speech and after ski with different bands . Check out the whole programme in Vasaloppet’s own calendar.
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Upcoming events in the Vasaloppet Arena

Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2020
Fri 21 Feb: Vasaloppet 30 (formerly Kortvasan). 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 22 Feb: Tjejvasan. 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sun 23 Feb: Ungdomsvasan. 9/19 km Start Eldris/Hökberg
Sun 23 Feb: Öppet Spår Sunday. 90 km. Start Sälen
Mon 24 Feb: Öppet Spår Monday. 90 km. Start Sälen
Tue 25 Feb: Vasaloppet 45 (formerly Halvvasan). 45 km. Start Oxberg
Fri 28 Feb: Stafettvasan. 9–24 km. Five-person teams. Start Sälen
Fri 28 Feb: Nattvasan 90. 90 km. Two-person teams. Start Sälen
Fri 28 Feb: Nattvasan 45. 90 km. Two-person teams. Start Oxberg
Sat 29 Feb: Blåbärsloppet. 9 km. Start Eldris
Sun 1 Mar: Vasaloppet. 90 km. Start Sälen (FULLY BOOKED)

Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2020
Fri 14 Aug: Cykelvasan Öppet Spår. 94 km. Start Sälen
Fri 14 Aug: Cykelvasasprinten. 1 km. Lindvallen. Start Sälen
Sat 15 Aug: Cykelvasan 90. 94 km. Start Sälen
Sun 16 Aug: Cykelvasan 30. 32 km. Start Oxberg
Sun 16 Aug: Ungdomscykelvasan. 32 km. Start Oxberg
Sun 16 Aug: Cykelvasan 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 22 Aug: Trailvasan 30. 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 22 Aug: Ultravasan 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 22 Aug: Ultravasan 90. 90 km. Start Sälen
Sat 22 Aug: Vasastafetten. 90 km. Running relay for ten-person teams. Start Sälen
Sat 22 Aug: Vasakvartetten. 90 km. Running relay for four-person teams. Start Sälen

Vasaloppstrippeln 2020
Vasaloppstrippeln 30. Vasaloppet 30 (formerly Kortvasan) or Tjejvasan + Cykelvasan 30 + Trailvasan 30
Vasaloppstrippeln 45. Vasaloppet 45 (formerly Halvvasan) or Nattvasan 45 + Cykelvasan 45 + Ultravasan 45
Vasaloppstrippeln 90. Vasaloppet or Öppet Spår Sunday or Öppet Spår Monday or Nattvasan 90 + Cykelvasan 90 or Cykelvasan Öppet Spår + Ultravasan 90

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