2023-06-19 07:36

The Vasaloppet Arena is open for summer 2023 – welcome outdoors!

There it lies, stretching 90 kilometres, Sweden's longest nature reserve, ready to welcome visitors this summer. Every day during the summer, over 100 people hike, run, cycle, and enjoy the Vasaloppet Arena. You're warmly welcome too!

There’s work to do in the Vasaloppet Arena all year round. Right now, focus is on Vasaloppet’s Summer Week, August 11 to 19, 2023, as vegetation is cleared away, wooden decking is renovated and general improvements are made to the bike and running track.

Since the start of June, the Vasaloppet Arena has been fully open for hiking and running. The 90-kilometre trail partially follows Vasaloppet’s race track, with plenty of beautiful resting spots along the way. There are also a total of nine overnight cabins placed at eight locations along the Vasaloppet trail.

The restaurant and café at Evertsberg’s community centre are open this summer, serving both treats and lunch. Check their official Facebook page for opening hours.


Every Saturday from June 10 to September 9 (with breaks for Vasaloppet’s Summer Week on Saturday, August 12, and Saturday, August 19), there are bus trips from Mora into the Vasaloppet Arena arranged by Vasaloppet coach Staffan Larsson. You can cycle, hike, or run any distance at your own pace from Sälen, Evertsberg, Oxberg, or Hökberg to Mora. Learn more and book:


The Vasaloppet Arena is a venue for well-being and experiences all year round. However, please note that parts of the Vasaloppet Arena are privately owned, and cycling and hiking is not permitted on private yards. Everyone visiting has their own responsibility and should be mindful of the fact that they are in a nature reserve.


Vasaloppet upcoming events

Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2023 – biking and running
• Friday, August 11 Ungdomscykelvasan start Oxberg, 32 km
• Friday, August 11 Cykelvasan Öppet Spår start Sälen, 96 km
• Friday, August 11 Cykelvasan 45 start Oxberg, 45 km
• Friday, August 11 Cykelvasan 30 start Oxberg, 32 km
• Saturday, August 12 Cykelvasan 90 start Sälen, 96 km
• Friday, August 18 Trailvasan 10 start Mora, 10 km
• Saturday, August 19 Ultravasan 90 start Sälen, 92 km
• Saturday, August 19 Vasastafetten running relay, ten legs, start Sälen, 92 km
• Saturday, August 19 Ultravasan 45 start Oxberg, 45 km
• Saturday, August 19 Trailvasan 30 start Oxberg, 30 km


Hemmavasan – whenever you want
• August 11–19, 2023 – Hemmavasan cykel (bike)
• August 11–19, 2023 – Hemmavasan löpning (running)

Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2024 – cross country skiing
• Friday, February 23 Vasaloppet 30 start Oxberg, 30 km
• Saturday, February 24 Tjejvasan start Oxberg, 30 km
• Sunday, February 25 Öppet Spår Sunday start Sälen, 90 km
• Sunday, February 25 Ungdomsvasan start Eldris, 9 km, start Hökberg, 19 km
• Monday, February 26 Öppet Spår Monday 90 freestyle, start Sälen, 90 km
• Monday, February 26 Öppet Spår Monday 45 freestyle, start Evertsberg, 43 km
• Monday, February 26 Öppet Spår Monday 30 freestyle, start Oxberg, 28 km
• Tuesday, February 27 Vasaloppet 45 start Oxberg, 45 km
• Friday, March 1 Stafettvasan ski relay, five sections start Sälen, 90 km
• Friday, March 1 Nattvasan 30 individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Oxberg, 30 km
• Friday, March 1 Nattvasan 45 individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Oxberg, 45 km
• Friday, March 1 Nattvasan 90 individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Sälen, 90 km
• Saturday, March 2 Vasaloppet 10 freestyle, start Eldris, 9 km
• Sunday, March 3 The 100th Vasaloppet start Sälen, 90 km (FULLY BOOKED)


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